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Yoga Therapy

Wisdom for Modern Living

What is Yoga Therapy?

Emanating from the wisdom of ancient practices, Yoga Therapy is more than just a yoga class. Defined by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga.  Yoga Therapy is a personalized experience designed to align with your long-term wellness goals and improve your overall quality of life.

The unique value of Yoga Therapy lies in its holistic approach to wellness. Rather than focusing solely on physical postures, Yoga Therapy encompasses a broad range of techniques, including movement, breathwork, meditation, relaxation, and philosophical practices. Furthermore, it considers the physical, energetic, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual layers of your being, fostering deep self-awareness and promoting nervous system regulation.

How Can Yoga Therapy Help You?

If you're seeking balance, managing stress, feeling anxious or grappling with chronic health conditions such as cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease, Yoga Therapy can offer numerous benefits. It is particularly effective for promoting self-regulation, emotional balance, and stress management. Research shows that the more consistent your practice is over time, the more likely you are to achieve your health and wellness objectives.

What Can You Expect in our 1:1 Yoga Therapy Session?

Each session with Jules is a dynamic, 1:1 online experience. The journey begins with an in-depth intake and assessment, followed by tailored ongoing sessions that foster a collaborative relationship between you and Jules. These sessions are conducted online, providing the convenience of accessing our services from the comfort of your own space.

Jules has completed extensive training and are board certified by the IAYT, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care. Dont worry, the sessions are catered to your specific health needs, taking into account any contraindications and making necessary accommodations. Props can be a helpful addition to your practice, but they are not required.

Why Begin Now?

If you've found yourself here, you're likely seeking a change. There's no better time than now to embark on your journey toward improved wellbeing and quality of life. Yoga Therapy is a compassionate approach to wellness that is often recommended by healthcare professionals to supplement other therapies. It's not just about alleviating suffering—it's about empowering you to live a richer, more balanced life.

Sign up for personalized 1:1 sessions, or simply enter your email to stay connected. Experience the transformative power of Yoga Therapy and discover the empowering, compassionate approach to stressing less and living more.

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