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Wisdom for Modern Living

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness, an ancient practice deeply rooted in Eastern wisdom, has now been recognized by modern neuroscience for its potent healing and resilience-building potential. In its essence, mindfulness is the art of being aware of the present moment on purpose, without judgment. 

The unique value of mindfulnes is this practice is much more expansive than just meditation; it's a state of being that you can incorporate into every aspect of your life, from the simplest to the most complex moments.

How Can Mindfulness Help You?

Mindfulness is widely considered as a powerful path to peace, awareness, and profound well-being. The ancient practices offer transformative tools to alleviate suffering, manage stress and anxiety, and assist with chronic pain. It helps you cultivate a deep sense of awareness and interconnectedness, allowing you to engage with life more fully and authentically. By being present, you gain the power to navigate life's storms with serenity and wisdom. 

Jules's approach to Mindfulness goes beyond offering meditation. We work with you to create a system that naturally aligns with your daily life, facilitating lasting changes.

What Can You Expect in Our 1:1 Mindfulness Sessions?

Our 1:1 sessions offer a personalized journey into mindfulness, tailored to your unique wellness objectives. Guided by the teachings of renowned mindfulness experts such as Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Sharon Salzberg, Jon Kabat-Zinn and the Dalai Lama, you will learn practical ways to integrate mindfulness into your daily life.

Jules has completed the Mindfulness Meditation Certification Program through the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley and is a certified teacher with Search Inside Yourself, the mindfulness program started at Google. Don’t worry, any health conditions or contraindications will be attentively considered and accommodated in your sessions. 

Why Begin Now?

As our lives become increasingly fast-paced, the lessons from ancient traditions become even more vital. Mindfulness, combined with the powerful insights of Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, and modern neuroscience, offers a transformative path to optimal well-being and quality of life. It's more than a practice; it's a way of life that can empower you to thrive amidst the complexities of the modern world.

Start your journey to mindful living today. Sign up for our personalized 1:1 sessions, or simply enter your email to stay connected. Experience the transformative power of awareness. 

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